I research, paint and generally obsess about fire.

These paintings are a body of works from over the last few years, alongside a selection of very recent works responding to the tragically destructive fire season and the ash and smoke of 2019-2020’s Black Summer. 

In the world’s most fire-prone continent, with the world’s most ancient living fire histories, my artwork is driven by our evolving relationship to fire.

Rod Gray 2020
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AshLand oil on canvas 100 x 150 cm 2017 reworked 2020 $1200
EmptyAir oil on timber panel 2019
Oil on canvas 31 x 26 cm
January 2020 box framed in vintage hardwood $600 including frame
Oil on plywood in vintage frame 44 x 52 cm 2020 $400
AshSong 2017 oil on canvas on tondo board
AshSong oil on canvas on tondo board 60 cm diameter 2017 $800
FireSong 2017 oil on linen on timber rondo
FireSong oil on linen on tondo board 60 cm diameter 2017 SOLD
RiverSong 2017 oil on linen
RiverSong oil on linen on tondo board 60 cm diameter 2017 SOLD
acrylic on Mallacoota driftwood 20 x 50 cm 2020 SOLD

This was painted in homage to Bruce Pascoe the author of Convincing Ground, Dark Emu ..and many other books, from a photograph taken by Rebecca Mounsey for the Age. I had this piece of driftwood on my wall from a family trip to mallacoota in the early 2000’s.

Framed Works
BadGovernance acrylic on paper 40 x 35 cm 2020 $700 including frame


SmokeSense acrylic on paper 40 x 30 cm 2019 $600 including frame

Fighter oil and monotype on paper 34 x 25 cm 2020 $600 including frame

SaltBushFire : fire ecology tondo suite, synthetic polymer paint on paper 36cm diameter, 2018 $600 including frame

BlackSummerStump acrylic on paper 45 x 39 cm 2020 $600 including frame
Tree acrylic on paper 70 x 38 cm 2020 $700 including frame

FruitTree acrylic on paper 33 x 26 2019 $600 including frame

LateRain acrylic on paper 42 x 29 cm 2019 $600 including frame