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Drawings in ash and rain

There has been a lot of drawing in my practice since I started a sketchbook called the Book of Ash late last year. I discovered the 8B pencil which is very black without being too soft and smudgy and it’s made me fall in love with drawing all over again. If you are not on Instagram you can see the more than fifty posts of these drawings since october last year from the insta feed on my site menu, or join and follow my posts. Check out the #thebookofash #thebookofrain and some early posts from #thebookofnight like the work below.

All these drawings are 20 x 29 cm and are $200 each. It’s best to email direct to purchase. As with the paintings all drawings are signed, dated, titled and have an independent registration number. I can provide framing advice as I do recommend drawings are framed promptly to preserve the freshness and integrity of the work.

This drawing WanderingFlame came about while I was reading Virginia Woolf’s Orlando where references to comets and cosmic tumult were reflecting the grandeur and volatility of Orlando’s personae. Love it. What an extraordinary book.

WanderingFlame graphite on paper 29 x 20 cmT

Moon at dusk

FireMoon 2016 oil on canvas

FireMoon 2016 oil on canvas 55 x 40 cm

This painting is the rough hewn statement of intent I had been looking for to seal the ASH paintings. I saw this golden, hot, moon through trees while driving through central victoria on the return from a great aunt’s funeral in Boort. This was many years ago. It took time to get the right surface and feeling to get it down. It was one of those rising moons that look too big to be real. It looked like a fire.. for about 10 minutes we couldn’t work out what it was