Bloodwood 2017 oil on canvas 212 x 168 cm

This one’s not a photograph that’s ready for the website as such, but I wanted you to be able to preview it. This is the largest work and the last painted for ASH. Though I’ve clearly not removed  paddle steamers from the system…[I blame ross rod river virus].. I was feeling the need to have a more crystal clear statement of aftermath…this is what all of these works ultimately lead to.

We are always dealing with aftermaths of one kind or another. Because we are human creatures and we reflect as we go forward we are always immersed in this sense of the weight  of what has gone before.

The meticulously primed surface of this large canvas has been with me for some time and I was working towards it for the last two years. It was beautiful after all the reading I’ve done on fire ecology to immerse myself in the world of trees. During the painting of this one work I was reading Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey [which features a giant eucalyptus by a dam] , Eucalyptus by Murray Bail [which though fiction is also encyclopedically about gums] , and finally [still going] I have wrapped myself in the soft bark layers of Peter Wohlleben’s The Hidden Life of Trees.

As the inimitable Paul Klee said comparing an Artist to the trunk of a tree, the artist “does nothing other than pass on what comes to [them] from the depths. And the beauty at the crown is not [their] own. [they] are merely the channel.”