HedgeBurner 2017 oil on linen

HedgeBurner 2017 oil on linen 180 x 85 cm

There was a long spate of hedge fires in the 80’s and 90’s in Melbourne’s leafy burbs. Not sure if they ever caught those involved.

I remember thinking that they may have grown up working-poor in the shadow of mansions, like the protagonist in Bruce Springsteen’s Mansion on the Hill from the haunting album Nebraska.

People kept saying ‘we better watch you’ like I was a pyromaniac and it made me quite reflective if not completely empathetic about what might motivate people performing this action. Mental illness, anger are the obvious sources but I make art and when you make art you deal with unconscious or wishful states of being and realisation and so on that level I can relate to the need to see something burn for it to be appreciated, enhanced, transformed, beautiful.