g r o t t o

Grotto [ no. 3 ] : Source

oil on canvas

240 x 240 mm


In partnership with Satellite Projects the window display on Victoria Parade will become a trio of grottoes

Featuring works from the cave and grotto suites from 2022

The works are available for sale via the Satellite Projects website


Forest : The Last Stand


acrylic on paper 

760 x 560


This work ‘ brattlings ‘  is included in a group show opening on November 2nd 6 -8 PM   

CLIMARTE gallery 120 Bridge Road Richmond All Welcome

go to CLIMARTE for more details

Vanishing: once enchanting: achingly beautiful homes to millions of species: rich carbon sinks: lungs of the planet: symbols of our unconscious since forever: beyond critically endangered keys to life on Earth – FORESTS.

The invaluable role that forests play in the Earth’s vital ecosystems is beyond question. Forests need defending like our lives depend on them.

This exhibition maps Australia’s critically endangered forests, honours the communities protecting them and invites new defenders.

With works by Karena Goldfinch, Rod Gray, Pia Johnson, Steve Kuiter, Lucille Martin, Sarah McConnell, Julian Meehan, Jill Redwood, Lisa Roberts, Chris Taylor and Sarah Rees.
Creative Producer, Karena Goldfinch.

Exhibition details:
Where: CLIMARTE Gallery 120 Bridge Rd, Richmond
When: 2 to 26 November 2022

Opening event: 2 November, 6pm to 8pm
The exhibition will be officially opened by Dr Chris Taylor, renowned photographer and Research Fellow at the Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University.

Associated event:
5 November, 1pm – a public event welcoming children and parents from the Abbotsford Early Learning Centre in conversation with Creative Producer and participating artist Karena Goldfinch and President of Friends of Leadbeater’s Possum, Steve Meacher.

FORESTS: The Last Stand was made possible thanks to grants from The Australia Council for the Arts and the City of Yarra.






My recent painting ‘domain’ has been selected for inclusion in CLIMARTE’S new exhibition TREE.

The show will be officially opened on Tuesday 11 October by Professor David Karoly.

CLIMARTE asked artists to create works that honour and advocate for Melbourne’s trees, inspired by the City of Melbourne program Urban Forest Visual.

This extraordinary collection of 25 selected works is being exhibited at the FortyFiveDownstairs Gallery.

Opening night 11th October at 6.00pm at FortyFiveDownstairs​ @ 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. The exhibition runs until 22 October 2022. Gallery hours are

  • Tues-Fri 12-6pm
  • Saturdays 12-4pm
  • Tues & Fri evenings 6-8pm
Climarte Tree Exhibition - painting of a large tree at dusk


ink, pure pigment and acrylic paint on paper

120 x 60 cm


Float-mounted behind art glass in a painted recycled-timber frame

Original painting was sold to a private collector through CLIMARTE

Limited edition prints of ‘domain’ available

 subscribe to collect one now

Climarte’s Statement:

A liveable climate needs trees and trees need a liveable climate.

CLIMARTE’s TREE project was conceived through musing and imagining the multitudes of multispecies connections, interdependencies and communications in the urban environment – in the context of the Climate Emergency and the City of Melbourne’s world leading Urban Forest Strategy .

Imagine if the countless non-human life forms that inhabit Melbourne could also express their appreciation for all the incredible gifts (oxygen, habitats, shade, comfort and so on) that the City of Melbourne’s now 80,000+ beloved local trees provide day in day out? 

Imagine what the trees themselves would say about being exposed to a climate and biodiversity emergency?

Conversely, The Urban Forest Strategy enables people to email the trees. Since the program launched in 2013, Melbourne’s trees have received thousands of love letters from humans near and far.

Featuring 25 artworks (also for sale), TREE presents work from Katherine Boland, Michelle Burns, Olga Dziemidowicz, Erica Elgin, Ariella Friend, Janice Gobey, Rod Gray, Lauren Guymer, Robbie Harmsworth, Zoé Haynes-Smith, Heather Hesterman, Bridget Hillebrand, Kathy Holowko & Sarah Moore, Todd Johnson, Linda Judge, Martin King, Susie Lachal, Nancy Lliang, Jan McLellan Rizzo, Zahra Marsous, Jarrad Martyn, Julia Schmitt, Benedict Sibley, Charlotte Watson and Barbara Wheeler.

International performance artist Dr Angela Viola will lead a participatory performance and workshop on 15th October 1pm to 3pm in Treasury Gardens, near Spring St and Flinders Lane.
[If the weather is wet the performance will be delayed to the next Saturday 22nd of October 1 to 3pm. Check Climarte’s social media for details.]

Submissions were assessed by a panel composed of Tim Entwisle, Director and Chief Executive of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Councillor Jamal Hakim, portfolio lead for Creative Melbourne and deputy portfolio lead for City Activation and Health, Wellbeing and Belonging, Guy Abrahams, CLIMARTE Co-Founder and Ambassador, and two CLIMARTE Committee Members.

As part of the Big Anxiety Festival, TREE will host a special workshop Towards an Ecological Self: Mapping Our Relations with Trees on 15 October in collaboration with Psychology for a Safe Climate, Sydney Environment Institute, and the Knowledge Translation Strategic Platform of Maridulu Budyari Gumal SPHERE.


Black Sparks Auction

Gordonvale : Mulgrave river mangoes 1991, life is too short 

approximately 25 x 35 cm

oil on canvas panel in vintage hardwood frame 


[signed, titled and dated on verso ]

To purchase this work and support an organisation supporting First Nations campaigns

go to Black Sparks Cultural Centre

They have an auction running until 13th October 2022


LindenNewArt Postcard Show 2020


Incendiary – exhibition in the UK at The Pound, Corsham

TheBurningWorld Acrylic on paper 100 x 150cm 2017

Linden Postcard Show 2019-2020

MagnatePlater oil on canvas



This work, Updraft,  is part of a project I’ve commenced examining fire in it’s role as a catalyst for transformation in the environment. Fire profoundly affects the human and animal populations in cycles of destruction and regeneration. This has long been the orbit of my artwork but over the coming year I plan to go much further into the ‘haze’ of fire and it’s environmental, mythological, and creative resonance. In this process I propose to simulate and reflect on this catalytic activity in a large range of works spanning sculpture, artist books, fire effigy videos and paintings. 

BirdFireHuman will map a Human-Animal convergence. This fire-fusing of Bird-Human DNA constitutes a fictional pseudo-science: OrnithAnthroPyrocology , the hypothesis of the proposal…more to come. 

Updraft                    Oil on primed plywood shard                   72 x 41 cm                             2019



Linden Postcard Show 2019-2020

These four decapitated rogues were in the Linden Postcard Show over summer

MagnatePlatter Oil on Canvas 20 x 25 cm 2019
Despot in Fall Oil on Canvas 20 x 25 cm 2019

InfernoMan Oil on canvas 20 x 25 cm 2019

MobsterLobster Oil on Canvas 20 x 25 cm 2019



Oil on Canvas 2018
41 x 41cm

Thinking of the mythic almost alchemical potential of the world’s most vital books. How they get burnt, and also etch, burning into the mind’s eye never to be forgotten.

On exhibition in IMAGE AND TEXT the Mildura Writer’s Festival Art Exhibition at The Art Vault

Open July 17


Ship’s Carpenter

Ship's Carpenter [asleep in the hold] acrylic on paper 2018
Ship’s Carpenter [asleep in the hold] acrylic on paper 2018
My great great grandfather D L Milne travelled the world as a ship’s carpenter from Montrose, Scotland, before arriving in Australia.




FirelitMan acrylic on paper 2018

Passing man lighting up other side of venetians at the end of a hard working day