2024  the citadel.  Parslow Street Studios Gallery, Clifton Hill

2023  Grotto.  Satellite Projects, Collingwood

2022  the Burning. Tacit Galleries, Collingwood 

2020-21 NewEyes. Shop window installation, Clifton Hill

2017 Ash. Space 39, Melbourne

2015 Nightly Burns The Moon. Space 39, Melbourne

2014 Waterline. The Art Vault, Mildura

2014 We Burn Boats. Space 39, Melbourne

2013 Hull. The Art Vault, Mildura

2012 Tower @ Trinity. Trinity College, University of Melbourne

2012 Tower @ SLV. Joyce McGrath Gallery, State Library of Victoria

2012 Tower. Red Gallery, North Fitzroy

2011 Tidemarker. Red Gallery, North Fitzroy

2009 Tracking Station. Space 39, Melbourne

2009 Vanishing Worlds. ARS Napier Hotel, Fitzroy

2005 Rainmaker. Intrude Contemporary Art, Fitzroy

2004 Visions and Sightings. Intrude Contemporary Art, Fitzroy

2001 Submariner’s Dream. Murdoch & Barclay Gallery, Malvern

1999 Pavilions. Murdoch & Barclay Gallery, Malvern

1998 Discoveries. Murdoch & Barclay Gallery, Malvern

1997 Voyage. Australian Print Workshop, Fitzroy


2023 Flow : CLIMARTE gallery, Richmond

2022 Forest : The Last Stand CLIMARTE Gallery, Richmond

2022 TREE : CLIMARTE exhibition at FortyFiveDownstairs, Melbourne

2022 Linden postcard show, Linden New Art, St Kilda

2021 ember + vessel. Neon Parlour, Thornbury

2020 Linden postcard show, Linden New Art, St Kilda

2020 mix n match. Neon Parlour, Thornbury

2020 INcendiary. Pound Arts, Corsham, UK

2019-2020 Linden Postcard Show, Linden New Arts, St Kilda

2019  Image and Text,  Mildura Writer’s Festival Exhibition    The Art Vault, Mildura

2018  Incendiary. Lonsdale Gallery, Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK

2018  Equalitaria. Neon Parlour, Thornbury

2017  Small Works. Tussock Gallery, Point Lonsdale

2014  The Art Vault 5thAnniversary Exhibition. The Art Vault, Mildura

2013 The People’s Palace. Joyce McGrath Gallery, State Library of Victoria

2012 Span. Stockrooms, Kyneton

2012 Island. Red Gallery, North Fitzroy

2012 Our Mechanical Eye. Joyce McGrath Gallery, State Library of Victoria

2011  Wunderkammer. Trinity College Library, University of Melbourne

2011 Capriccio, The 21st Century Wunderkammer. Conceived, commissioned and curated by Rod Gray, including 14 artists. Launched by Michael Leunig. Red Gallery, North Fitzroy

2010 BSG Small Works. Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy

2010 Impressions 2010. Australian Print Workshop, Fitzroy

2010 Re_Collection. Red Gallery, Fitzroy

2010 Launch. Carbon Black

2009 Last Call. ARS Upstairs Napier Hotel, Fitzroy

2009 The Collective. Space 39, Melbourne

2008 The Postcard Show. Linden Gallery, St Kilda

2005 Landscape. Anne Middleton Gallery, South Melbourne

2004 Impressions 2004. Australian Print Workshop, Fitzroy

2004 Panoramas. Intrude Contemporary Art, Fitzroy

2004 Summer Samples. Intrude Contemporary Art, Fitzroy

2002 APW 21st Anniversary Exhibition. Australian Print Workshop, Fitzroy


Waterline   The Art Vault, Mildura   2014

Hull   The Art Vault, Mildura  2013


1997 The Ron Burke Fellowship Australian Print Workshop


1991 Bachelor of Arts [Fine Art] Painting, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne

1997 Etching (Intermediate) Australian Print Workshop


 National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

 The Australian Print Workshop, Melbourne

The Art Vault, Mildura

Private Collections


“Tree” by Kate Gorringe-Smith, Imprint Magazine 2022

 “ Fire on the Water ”   Monograph, Materiality 2014

“The Art Vault 5th Anniversary” booklet, 2013

“ Artists in the Museum” by Roisin O’Dwyer, Insite Magazine  2011

“ Gray’s Greens ” by Penny Webb, The Age Newspaper 2004

“ Moments frozen in time ” by Anita Bragge, Herald Sun Newspaper 1998