This work, Updraft,  is part of a project I’ve commenced examining fire in it’s role as a catalyst for transformation in the environment. Fire profoundly affects the human and animal populations in cycles of destruction and regeneration. This has long been the orbit of my artwork but over the coming year I plan to go much further into the ‘haze’ of fire and it’s environmental, mythological, and creative resonance. In this process I propose to simulate and reflect on this catalytic activity in a large range of works spanning sculpture, artist books, fire effigy videos and paintings. 

BirdFireHuman will map a Human-Animal convergence. This fire-fusing of Bird-Human DNA constitutes a fictional pseudo-science: OrnithAnthroPyrocology , the hypothesis of the proposal…more to come. 

Updraft                    Oil on primed plywood shard                   72 x 41 cm                             2019


By Rod Gray

Rod is a painter and printmaker based in Melbourne Australia.